Many national orders are delivered by ourselves within a few days of purchase.

The timeline for international delivery is usually two weeks. Sculptures that are in stock are sent to JB Packaging to be boxed professionally in compliance with international regulations. They are then sent to Allied Forwarding for shipping. We generally use FedEx to deliver to people’s doorstep.

What I consistently advise, is to offer the recipient a choice of three sculptures. The person receiving the gift generally gets a great kick out of this and it allows for their own individual style and taste to be accommodated. If there is not a piece in the first three offerings that truly resonates, we present another three until we get the right one.

Yes of course we are delighted to provide guidance. There are two main questions to be answeredwhere the sculpture is best placed and does it require a plinth.

Regarding placement of a piece in a property,  it is best to keep a very open mind until the sculpture is on-site. I like to place the sculpture in many different places before deciding. It is usually fairly obvious when you get it to its most advantageous spot. It is best to buy a sculpture first and then have fun with siting. I also strongly advocate moving work around every so often.

Plinths come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Some sculptures do not need a plinth but when one is required we can provide a wide variety from stock or get one fabricated especially for a particular site and sculpture.

Nature is so powerful. The strength of the sun and rain especially will have an impact on all sculpture that is sited outdoors.

Stone works generally do quite well, especially granite. Coarsely-cut limestone does much better than highly polished limestone which I would only site indoors.

 Bronze is so robust that it thrives outdoors but again the patinas will fade and change over time. Many sculptors, rather than using protective treatments which are fairly poor anyway, prefer to see their works evolve and change outdoors over the years.