Adil Vezir

Recently relocated to the west coast of Ireland, I am a multidisciplinary artist who uses a variety of materials and techniques in painting, sculpture, as well as mixed media.  Originally born in Baku, Azerbaijan my family was forced to emigrate to New York during the collapse of Soviet Union.   I always enjoyed making things with my hands and so sculpting was one of the first things that I was comfortable with in school, it always felt natural to me.

I studied Art History and sculpture in Hunter College in New York.  Later on I moved to Philadelphia and for many years I worked as a commercial production sculptor, and art handler, and custom fabricator.   Through my job I was directly exposed to vast amount of great and historic art. This work experience informed and helped me greatly in my creative process.

I always strive to achieve a high level of craftsmanship and precision in all my work, whether it be in my wood carvings, bronze sculptures, collages or my paintings. I enjoy traveling and depending where I am in the world, I like to allow the elements from my environment and surrounding culture to inspire my work and dictate the materials I use.  I work with wood, metal, clay, stone, paper, and anything else that might inspire me.  Over the years I have created a diverse body of work drawing from a wide range of styles, including utilitarian, abstract, figurative, contemporary, to name just a few.

I am inspired by the innate natural beauty of different materials and often start with found objects and discarded materials in my work to renew what was once considered useless and redeem and transform something that seems worthless. In our modern, easily discarded disposable world I am interested in bringing attention back to how things can still have value, all it takes is a little re-imagining and re-presentation.  Redemption and Renewal are a connecting theme throughout my work.

Works by Adil Vezir

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Ballymaloe ’20 Breech – Adil Vezir


Breech by Adil Vezir Bronze; I/VII 77 X 62 X 75 cms €POA   PURCHASE ENQUIRY