Triona Ryan

Triona Ryan originally studied and worked in Film production. She lived in France for 16 years before returning to Ireland 10 years ago. Her sculptures are predominantly figurative, and she finds inspiration in nature and the human form. She is particularly drawn to themes relating to the ever-present aliveness, as well as stillness, of our physical world. She spent a lot of 2019 modelling in wax and casting in bronze, exhibiting works at The Tracton Arts Centre, Minane Bridge in the same year. Her latest bronze piece will be exhibited at Ballymaloe Sculpture Exhibition 2020. She produced her first outdoor piece recently. Modelled in clay and cast in fiberglass, it is on permanent display at the Tracton Arts Centre. Clay-modelling has been Triona Ryan’s preferred art form to date though now a student at the Crawford College of Art and Design she is enjoying experimenting with many others.

Works by Triona Ryan

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Ballymaloe ’20 Siesta – Triona Ryan


Siesta by Triona Ryan Bronze; I/V 7 X 30 X 11 cms €1,400   PURCHASE ENQUIRY