Martha Quinn

Martha Quinn was born in Ireland in 1975 and studied at DLIADT from 1992-1995 graduating with a distinction in sculpture and print. During the past 20 years Martha Quinn has gained a national reputation through her sculpture, paperworks (drawings, prints and cut-paperwork) and most notably her numerous public sculptures. Her practice is informed and inspired by a wide variety of subjects including science, nature, craft, and architecture, these interests often manifest in abstract geometric patterns and structures. A key element in Quinn’s public sculptures has been to create artwork that is integrated with its physical and geographical environment but also with its social, historical and cultural context also, and so each work is completely site-specific. She lives with her three children in Co Sligo and works from her purpose built studio workshop.

Works by Martha Quinn

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Ballymaloe ’20 Begotten Not Made – Martha Quinn


Begotten Not Made by Martha Quinn Kilkenny Limestone, series of 3 74 cms tall €2,800   PURCHASE ENQUIRY