James Horan

A notable trait in James’ sculpture is the use of Marble (and other stone) is a very loose, sketch-like manner. The medium of the renaissance sculptors flippantly used to portray a fat man in his underwear, for example. The light-hearted nature of some of these expressive figures almost masks the dark humour at play.

“My sculptures are expressive, recognisable by their exaggerated hands and feet. I think of my work as a physical representation of an emotional response. It is not enough to create pretty things, my sculptures need to affect people, to tap into something intangible while also being a powerful physical presence.”
James Horan 2020

Works by James Horan

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Ballymaloe ’20 Lady On A Pedestal – James Horan


Lady On A Pedestal by James Horan Carrara Marble 58 X 38 X 18 cms €4,600   PURCHASE ENQUIRY

Ballymaloe ’20 Internet Calisthenics Guy – James Horan


Internet Calisthenics Guy by James Horan Carrara Marble, Beach Rock 150 cms tall €7,800   PURCHASE ENQUIRY