Ballymaloe ’17 Congress I Grooming

Congress I Grooming by Gwen Wilkinson

Ballymaloe ’17 Congress II Male Babysitting

Congress II Male Babysitting by Gwen Wilkinson

Ballymaloe ’17 Hide ‘N’ Seek

Hide 'N' Seek by Nigel Connell Bass

Ballymaloe ’17 Neuron Synapse

Neuron Synapse by Vivian Hansbury

Ballymaloe ’17 Man of Sorrows

Man of Sorrows by Aiden Harte

Ballymaloe ’17 Long Ridge

Long Ridge by Michelle Byrne

Ballymaloe ’17 Plato

Plato by Christine Byrne

Ballymaloe ’17 Over There

Over There by Sonia Caldwell

Ballymaloe ’17 Daniels Dreamcloud

Daniels Dreamcloud by Vivian Hansbury

Ballymaloe ’17 Kettle Bell Bouy

Kettle Bell Bouy by Eugene O'Malley

Ballymaloe ’17 Periwinkle Picker

Periwinkle Picker by Cormac O'Reilly

Ballymaloe ’17 Penny Hen

Penny Hen by Cormac O'Reilly

Ballymaloe ’17 Poets Stone

Poets Stone by Cormac O'Reilly

Ballymaloe ’17 Part of me

Part of me by Sonia Caldwell

Ballymaloe ’17 Bladderwack

Bladderwrack by Martin Lyttle

Ballymaloe ’17 Button Back

Button Back by Redmond Herrity

Ballymaloe ’17 Marmo Romano

Marmo Romano by Redmond Herrity

Ballymaloe ’17 Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot by Michael Sheedy

Ballymaloe ’17 Somniferous Future II

Somniferous Future II by Nigel Connell Bass

Ballymaloe ’17 Consider The Lillies

Consider The Lillies by Maggie Blackley

Ballymaloe ’17 Dice

Dice by Michelle Byrne